Teatro Interactivo en Inglés



La Escuela de Música del Parador se viste de gala para recibir a 240 Jóvenes Mediterráneos que asisten a la representación de la obra de teatro interactivo en inglés titulada “Derailed” a cargo de la compañía de teatro Face to Face.

Nuestra auxiliar de conversación, Jessica, formaba parte de este nutrido grupo y ha querido compartir con nosotros estas palabras:

Last Friday many of us had the good fortune to see an Agatha Christie inspired play in which our poor Inspector Clueless had quite a hard time figuring out who the White Diamond Thief truly was: the evil Russian Ana. The performance itself was absolutely superb; it was filled with slapstick comedy and vibrant displays of wit and cleverness as the actors executed their roles with flair. From dancing, to joking with the audience, to incredible improvisation performance as they worked with their student helpers, these actors were truly amazing!

I must say, the part I personally enjoyed the most was their integration of the play with the audience because of just how incredible it was to see our students absolutely rocking it on the stage. Their on-the-spot performance was marvelous and the students did very well in integrating and acting out their roles. By having our students play the characters of Wasabi, the Egyptian princess, the Russian, and the American, I can definitely say that this play was one of a kind! It was quite the act indeed.

En breve, un nuevo capítulo de la serie LAS AVENTURAS DEL MEDITERRÁNEO