Christmas Crackers



Once again this year, we have celebrated the upcoming holidays by making the traditional Christmas Crackers.

This is what the students said:

I think this activity is interesting and funny at the same time. First, we learn about Christmas celebrations in Great Britain and then, we have fun when we make and exchange the crackers. When you are making yours at home, you don't know who it will be for, and it is also exciting to see your partners walking around the class, looking for their addressee, wishing it's you. Finally, it's also an oportunity to share something with students who have come from a different Primary School and, maybe, you don't have such a close relationship with.”

1st of ESO students

We had done the Christmas Cracker last year, so we knew what it was about. That's why we told our teachers that we wanted to do it again this year. In my case, I think it's a very nice end-of-term activity. We spend the last English lesson of the “year” exchanging presents, telling jokes and singing Christmas Carols. I hope we'll do it every year.”

2nd of ESO students

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